In a busy culture that encourages individual action, achievement and indulgence in over-stimulation, harmony can be a challenging and lofty ideal to attain.  Personal and professional obligations, as well as daily stressors seem to always consume our time and energy. 

​Contrary to our popular understanding, stress is not an outside, alien force that happens to us but rather the way we perceive and handle the world around us.  Much of the time, we find ourselves in a blocked and stressful state due to thinking processes and habit patterns we have learned .  

​If reactions to challenging situations are handled in a repetitive manner, a state of body/brain imbalance can be the outcome -- if we persist with old ways of coping, the imbalance may progress to illness or disease.  At some point, we must learn a new way of responding. 

​ Body-Brain Balance  
The Body-Brain Balance is an easy way to guide these systems into efficient functioning.  This all begins with fully experiencing body and brain patterns as they come into balance while increasing awareness of basic patterns,  to guide them into alignment, and more importantly, consistently controlling them.    

​The Body-Brain Balance is an educational and informational process designed to give a non-clinical but specific overview, involving the balance between body, brain and mind.  Emphasis is placed on the individual's ability to increase awareness, gain control of their body/brain balance and experience an expansion of consciousness. 

​Balance the Body and Brain -Manage the Mind

Experiencing the body and brain imbalance, then to guide them back to alignment is only the first step.  The unique aspect of the Body-Brain Balance is recognition of the mental processes that contribute to the system imbalance and how this may be different for each individual.  Knowledge of these differences is an important component in managing the mind and key to somatic-cognitive balance.  What this means is that the Body-Brain Balance experience may be varied for different people because of individualized styles of learning.  Some may have bursts of inspiration or insight-fullness while others a greater sense of personal control and competence in their abilities.  Some may experience increased stability and security; others more spontaneity and interpersonal freedom.  The overall process, however, can be uncomplicated but needs to be experienced while presented in an individualized format to facilitate learning.  

The  Process

All procedures of the Body-Brain Balance are performed with non invasive instrumentation and proven techniques in a comfortable setting.  An experienced trainer is present at all times to help guide and facilitate the  process.After an initial assessment and introductory session, recommendations for additional training will be given depending on the individual's personal goals, condition and instructional needs. ​email us at

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by Kris Alan Sharp MPA, BCIAC

For our continued celebration of life - as if we need only one day or one season to consummate it - Body Brain Balance wishes to all the most profound experience of giggling happiness, finger-tapping harmony and gleeful satisfaction at this time of the year. Our Rhythmic Meditations demonstrate that big things can come in small packages (regardless of group size) by repeatedly identifying the sublime energy, maintaining that imperceptible rhythm and then expanding awareness. It can be as easy as becoming aware of that shift upward, seeing and feeling it, following the rhythmic mantra and stepping into that consciousness of peace, balance, clarity or compassion. It just takes practice - and the help of some, rhythmic meditator, companions... ‘that’s what we’re talking about.’ So let’s continue the party and joyful celebration!

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*Kris Alan Sharp, MPA, BCIAC
Kris brings expertise in organizational, individual and group meditation, bio & neurofeedback, , body-brain balance ergonomics, and on or off-site trainings and workshops.  Email us at for more information, and scheduling.